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It all starts about now, with that small frisson of anticipation mixed up with that exquisite sense of speculation. You’ve seen the ideal pair of earrings that can only go with your new dress and you know exactly how long a pendant needs to be, down to the last millimetre. However, all too often these lovely pre-Christmas hopes and wishes remain just that and those immortal words can be heard ringing out across the land on December 25th:

“Have you kept the receipt?”

Not so at Mark Adam though.

Granted, there are those in the world who quite seriously believe that the Krupp diamond should be in their beloved’s shopping basket, but on the whole, we are a pretty grounded and grateful bunch – we're just a bit rubbish at saying what we really, really want. 

So to help you avoid either receiving or giving the dreaded inappropriate gift, may we suggest that we join forces? 

Here at Mark Adam we are well practised in the art of matching the perfect piece of jewellery to our discerning clients. We know and love your preferences, whether it’s the subtlety of understatement or glorification in the big and beautifully bold.

However, we have a further card up our sleeves, which makes us, dare we say, terribly good at ensuring you won’t need to ask for the receipt. Our ultimate trump card is our Wish List Book, where we faithfully make a note of every single piece of jewellery you desire,  plus your finger sizes, your colour choices, your wrist size, your ideal pendant length, your love or loathing of every kind of metal and anything else you might want to share with us! So as and when the occasion arises, we know exactly what you like and it’s all written down in reliable, irrefutable detail. Needless to say, we don’t want to completely remove the element of surprise from Christmas Day as that would be extremely dull. Your nearest and dearest can rest assured, that whichever piece of treasure is wrapped up in our signature gift wrapping and sitting quite smugly under the tree, remains absolutely confidential. We won’t even tell you - so no clues!

Why not visit us in store and start your own wish list for Christmas 2016? It can be jolly useful for Birthdays and Anniversaries too, so don’t be shy.

We are now receiving daily deliveries of our new collections (more details to follow!) so there is always something tempting to make the short list and then, when you are happy with your selection, you might subtly want to drop a few hints to family and friends. Actually scratch that – just tell them. The relief on their faces will be magnificent.

If you still need persuading of a wish list’s merits,  think of our friend, whose husband phoned her from Curry’s on Christmas Eve at closing time and asked  what she needed?...

See you soon.

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