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An Homage to Saint Valentine (or an oh so subtle reminder for next Tuesday).

There are many legends behind St Valentine, none of which are based on historical fact.  However they hold a certain charm and poignancy.

Valentine was beheaded after defying the Emperor Claudius by secretly marrying couples so that the husbands did not have to go to war. The legend claims that soldiers were sparse at the time so this was a big inconvenience to the emperor.

Another legend is that Valentine refused to sacrifice to pagan gods. Whilst imprisoned for this, Valentine healed the jailer’s daughter who was suffering from blindness. Sadly, on the day of his execution, he left a note for the young girl simply signed “Your Valentine”

La Fete du Baiser (Festival of the Kiss) is a festival celebrated in the village of Roquemaure near Avignon in France. The village is reputed to hold a relic of the Saint. The Fete is held on the Saturday AFTER Valentine’s Day. So just in case you forget this coming Tuesday you could claim your allegiance to this French custom.

The name Valentine is derived from “valens” meaning “worthy, strong, powerful”. The same could be said for diamonds.

And so that rather conveniently brings us back to jewellery!

This Valentine’s Day, you may wish to make her heart leap just that little bit more with one of our lovely heart stopping gems.


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