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We thought this month we would throw the spotlight on the disheartening dilemma of what on earth to buy the man in your life when the occasion demands but inspiration fails.

Fortunately at MarkAdam, we have become rather adept at sourcing the perfect gift for your perfect man and whilst we are probably most well known for our beautiful jewellery, we thought it was about time to be a little un-British and actually shout about it!  

Firstly let’s be clear – in our experience, men do not get terribly excited by the mass produced. They want something a little more unique and special, a little less available to all and sundry and quite frankly a whole lot more reflective of their own quirky hopes and dreams. Some may say that this sounds vaguely familiar...

So thank heavens for British bespoke craftsmanship which we champion because we are rather good at it! From the most elegant of silver and crystal barware, which can be engraved with absolutely anything, to our very latest arrival of MarkAdam’s exclusive leather collection, handmade by London based Pemberton & Milner. Our new collection of gifts for the truly discerning gentleman include travel games, cufflinks boxes and trays, watch rolls - the list thankfully goes on and on… Again we love a bit of personalisation, so should you share this passion, we can go to town with the embossing. 

When it comes to men’s jewellery – times are a changing and we definitely endorse the trend for a gentleman’s accessories to be just that little bit more individual and well just that little more expressive. Of course we still adore the classics such as a handmade gold signet ring that will become a family heirloom – especially when our master seal engraver reveals that yes you do have a family crest and yes it can be engraved onto the ring. However, we also love the curve ball – an oxidised silver bracelet that is just that little bit festival, minus the mud, or the cufflinks that are set with the blackest of Tahitian pearls and such a refreshing new take on “casual but smart”.

And then again sometimes you just need that special something to say thank you - when he’s treating you to a cheeky weekend in Whitstable this Autumn, why not pop by and pick up a pair of our silver and gilt mussel eaters? Perfect! Or if you really want to push the boat out, we now carry an extensive collection of pre-owned Rolex watches which are all fully supported by their original documents and boxes. Even better, many of the watches have waiting lists of 4-5 years yet we allow you to steam right to the front of these tedious queues and make his year straight away. We fully endorse instant gratification!

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