TERI HOWES Yellow Gold Plated Silver, Hand Crocheted 'DNA' Drop Earrings

  • £160.00

These little beauties come in silver or yellow gold plated. Crocheted 'DNA' style drop earrings that are refreshingly light and hang just below the lobe and close to the face.

Individual crochet stitches are cast on to a sturdy central core which is shaped and formed by hand. Stitches are worked around the spiral to form the beautiful detailing.

They have a gentle movement as the wearer moves and the stitches catch the light. Their curving sculptural form looks good from both the front and side views.

Look great in daytime or evening...

Earrings measure approx. 20mm x 7mm and hang from a slimline stylish hook, overall length approx. 32mm